Month: September 2018

布道会 Gospel Meeting

平安何处寻 Where is PEACE

馮偉牧师 Pastor Wei Feng 

September 28, Friday
Chinese Christian Church of Lincoln
7:00-8:30 pm 佈道 Gospel Meeting

患難與平安  Calamity and Peace 約 Jn 16:33; 詩 Ps 46; 林後 2Cor 1:4

September 29, Saturday
Omaha Chinese Christian Church
培靈會主題  Revival Meeting Topics:健康成長的生命 Healthy Life of Growth 弗 Eph 4:9-16
10:00-11:15 am 在十架上成長 Growth in the Cross  录音Audio
11:25-12:40 pm 在真道上成長 Growth in the Truth  录音Audio
12:45-1:45 pm 午餐 Lunch
5:30-6:30 pm 晚餐 Dinner
6:45-8:30 pm 佈道 Gospel Meeting 信心與平安 Faith and Peace 約 Jn 16:33; 路 Luk 7:50  录音Audio


September 30, Sunday
Omaha Chinese Christian Church
9:30-10:45 am 主日學 Sunday School 录音Audio
在事奉上成長 Growth in the Service 弗  Eph 4:9-16
11:00-12:15 pm 聯合主日崇拜 Joint Sunday Service 录音Audio
十架與平安  Cross and Peace 約 Jn 16:33; 賽 Isa 53:5

布道会海报 Gospel Meeting Flyer

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主日崇拜 Sunday Worship (Sept 1st, 9月1日)

頌讚 Hymns of Praise: # 9 榮耀歸於天父 To God Be the Glory

啟應經文: Responsive Reading 詩篇 Psalm 17

奉獻 Tithes and Offering: s # 271 萬福源頭 Come, Thou Fount

證 道 主 題 Sermon Title: 使人作門徒 Making Disciples 馬太福音 Matthew 28:19~20 歌羅西書 Colossians 1:28~29

金句 Today’s Scripture:
He has showed you, O man, what is good. And what does the LORD require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God. 《弥迦书 Micah 6:8 》

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